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Meals on Wheels & Senior Outreach Services Gallery

Meals on Wheels is a global program that delivers hot, nutritious meals to homebound and economically-challenged seniors who without the assistance of such organizations would be restricted to unhealthy or irregular diets. Meals on Wheels & Senior Outreach Services takes senior care one step further and offers a multitude of assistance progams that protect and care for the seniors in the Contra Costa county located in Northern California. From conducting wellness checks, hosting Fall Prevention programs, offering individualized home care and much more, trained volunteers know how to provide the care seniors need to stay independent and dignified. Every day, seniors are also invited to join one another at the C.C Café for fellowship and fun over a healthy lunch. Meals on Wheels helps to combat isolation which can lead to a myriad of health problems for all age groups especially for seniors who are prone to depression, dementia or other mental health issues. 

Rimini Street colleagues were honored to have donned our aprons and gloves to serve a lunch to the wonderful seniors of Contra Costa county. We had so much fun chatting with the Meals on Wheels clients and taking selfies together! Thank you Meals on Wheels for inviting us to join you all for a memorable afternoon. We hope our financial donation can make a small difference in support of your invaluable programs that touch the lives of so many.  

World Vision Gallery

Since 1950, World Vision has provided aid to tens of millions of people across 90 countries with programs designed to uplift an entire nation through education, training, financial aid, donations and humanitarian projects. The goal is to create sustainable communities where people can live, grow, and succeed by gaining independence from relief programs which are only short-term solutions to greater, deep-rooted issues. Today, World Vision is one of the largest charity organizations in the world and its impact goes beyond saving lives; they are helping citizens take charge of their own future and shape it for the better.

In support of World Vision's mission, Rimini Street's Team Texas gathered at the Dallas location to participate in their Clothing Sorting program . We unboxed thousands of new t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and sweaters donated by Abercrombie & Fitch, sorted them by size, and repackaged them in World Vision boxes to be sent overseas to the Middle East and Africa for donation. And to finish off a wonderful event, we made a financial contribution which we hope will add a little extra love to their Clothing Donation program. Thank you World Vision for a fantastic afternoon and for the enormous amount of work you do to improve the lives of so many around the globe. 

Hal Smith Elementary School Gallery

A teacher's greatest wish is to have access to all the tools and resources that can empower his or her students to become the best and the most successful as they can be. Sadly in too many schools across America, teachers and students alike suffer from the lack of access to technology, books, and updated learning materials. Teach for America (TFA) is a nation-wide organization that is working tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty and dependence caused by educational failure through their unique method of recruiting, developing, and deploying new-age educators from non-traditional backgrounds. Once they are fully trained as TFA educators, they are hired by low-income schools with measurable success and impact on their classrooms and community at large. 

Rimini Street recently partnered with Teach for America to provide laptops to the first-grade students of Hal Smith Elementary School in Las Vegas where they were in dire need of the equipment for their Reading Rangers program. After finishing a book, the students take a quiz after. When you have 20 students and only one laptop, the process is more than challenging. With the donation, the entire first-grade is now able to track their reading progress, take their quizzes together, and improve their research and writing skills. We are so thankful for the introduction to Hal Smith Elementary School and look forward to delivering many more smiles to students through our continued partnership with Teach for America. 

Castle Triathlon Series for Macmillan Cancer Support Gallery

Rimini Street is always ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work! And when it comes to supporting our community, we never shy away from a challenge. On a chilly April afternoon, that's exactly what the Rimini UK Team did - we donned our matching power shirts and participated in the annual Castle Triathlon Series, a 4-day event that hosts over 100 teams at Canary Wharf for a biking, running, and swimming challenge. Proceeds from the event including registration fees are donated to UK's largest cancer health care group, Macmillan Cancer Support, to provide treatment, financial aid, and counseling for those affected by cancer. 

Enjoy the photos of our colleagues who worked up quite a sweat running full speed on an incline treadmill, biking on a stationary bicycle with the resistance cranked up, and swimming against the current in an endless pool, all the while having a blast. We are so proud of our Team UK and look forward to participating in next year's event! 

World Book Day: Grass Valley Elementary School Gallery

In America, 1 in 4 children are illiterate. Two-thirds of children who are unable to read at their grade level by the age 10 end up in jail or on welfare as an adult and have a 78 percent chance of never catching up ( And according to UNICEF, "nearly a billion people will enter the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names and two thirds of them are women." For these reasons alone, we at Rimini Street believe it is crucial to develop a love for books starting at an early age. That is why we celebrated World Book Day with the students of Grass Valley Elementary School by donating 300 books and spending an afternoon reading to the wonderful students of GVE! 

Rimini Street team members worked closely with the head librarian of Grass Valley Elementary School, Cindy Pierson, to purchase almost all the books on their Wish List and to donate an additional 150 gently used children's books on April 19th. We brought with us not just Award Winning and special request books, but juice boxes, snacks and fruits for all 350 children of GVE plus an enthusiastic team of volunteer readers ready to entertain the various grades and classrooms with our fun impressions of Dr. Suess and other literary characters. We learned from the librarian that not all schools in the Oakland area are as lucky to have libraries on their campus and in fact, many children do not have a single book to call their own. As we read one on one with the students and out loud to entire classrooms, we soaked up the smiles and the positive, radiant energy of the GVE students and couldn't help but to beam right along with them. We look forward to celebrating many more World Book Days with the Grass Valley Elementary School as well as other educational institutions that promote literacy as a foundation to success. 

Career Day: Boys and Girls Club of Oakland Gallery

Rimini Street partnered up with our friends at Boys & Girls Club of Oakland (BGCO) again, this time for an unforgettable experience at our Silicon Valley Operations Center in Pleasanton, California. We invited teens and chaperones from the various Oakland chapters to spend an afternoon with our colleagues, learning first hand, careers opportunities and valuable life lessons that helped propel our team to success. Our goal was to make our guests feel like kings and queens and impart with them, our passion for personal and career development and the significance of always thinking big. 

The day started with our guests arriving in style in a stretch party bus and meeting the CEO over a pizza party lunch. Then our President and Board Member of BGCO, Sebastian Grady along with the Sales Team, spoke about perserverance and the value of building on life experiences. Team Marketing gave our guests insight on the variety of Marketing Careers and why Communication skills is considered one of the biggest factors of success. The Global Service Delivery Team and IT Team showcased our global presence and the many careers that will allow them to see and connect with the entire world. Team Legal did a live demonstration on the importance of contracts and the law while HR and Security talked about protecting the company and our unique culture. Team Finance taught our guests that accuracy is crucial to a business and featured the many careers on Main Street and Wall Street. 

This was a memorable event for both Rimini Street and BGCO and we all walked away from the experience enlightened as mentors and students of one another. We hope to invite many more students to visit all of our offices in the near future and look forward to learning much from them also. 

Kids Against Hunger Gallery

In a world where over a billion people have little or no food to eat, organizations like Kids Against Hunger are fighting to change this staggering statistic every single day. Since 1999, Kids Against Hunger has worked with countless number of contributors and volunteers to package and deliver highly nutritious meals to over 60 countries around the world. In each packet of food which can easily be prepared over a pot of boiling water, contains rice (a dietary staple in most cultures), soy protein (as many recipients are vegetarians), powerful vitamins, dried vegetables and seasonings for taste. All of the packets are prepared by volunteers and delivered by carefully planned methods which ensure the foods reach their intended recipients safely. To date, KAH has successfully provided millions with their life-saving meals. 

Recently, the Pleasanton based Rimini Street team members and their families enjoyed an afternoon at the Kids Against Hunger facilities, packaging over 6000 meals in mere hours. We shared a ton of laughs and poured our love into each package of Kids Against Hunger meals in hopes that it will provide families with much needed strength to overcome their daily challenges. And in support of KAH's greater mission to eradicate hunger, we ended the day with a financial donation and a very big smile. 

IMBRA Instituto Muda Brasil Gallery

In a neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil riddled with makeshift homes is an oasis called IMBRA Instituto Muda Brasil where all children are welcome to escape the lure of the street life and focus on a future through education, personal growth, sports, and friendship. At IMBRA, their mission is to "develop and disseminate practices that promote the integral development of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability through sports and other socio-educational activities, entrepreneurship and community development." With this strong belief, the staff and volunteers of IMBRA work tirelessly to bring opportunities to their members they otherwise would not have access to, programs that could help them break the cycle of poverty once and for all. 

During our visit to IMBRA, we introduced our Country Manager, Edenize Maron Gundim, to a group of girls that were interested in STEM and encouraged them to follow in her footsteps and pursue a career in technology. We also participated in ballet exercises, met a little girl who aspires to become a journalist (and was practicing her daily news report for the camera!), and shared many laughs with the children and teens who were preparing for futebol (soccer) games. Rimini Street is proud to financially partner with such an impactful organization and look forward to visiting again as Guest Speakers and mentors.  

Casa José Eduardo Cavichio (CAJEC) Gallery

CAJEC is a house of love, a place where children's dreams grow, a place where they have a fighting chance against aggressive cancers that have formed within their little bodies. This is the legacy left behind by a 16-year old boy who wanted a build a place where other children and teens who were also fighting cancer like himself can come and find refuge, a dream that came true thanks to the neighborhood friend, Maria Luiza Candido Centelles, founder and president of CAJEC - Casa (House of) José Eduardo Cavichio.

Donations received by CAJEC benefits children and teens of Latin America who need a place to stay while receiving life-saving chemotherapy, post-transplant care, and other therapies related to cancer treatment, free of charge to them and their families. Everything from lodging, food, clothes, transportation, treatment, and day to day needs are all provided by CAJEC so the only thing they need to worry about is getting better and back to a place of health and happiness. Donations are raised through corporate partnerships, personal donors, and through their Bazaar Shop, a storefront where visitors can purchase handmade goods made by their volunteers. The materials for their crafts are also donated - scrap fabrics and threads from local manufacturing plants that are transformed into beautiful keepsakes, household items, and inventive crafts such as jewelry holders and pot holders.

During our visit to CAJEC, we were overwhelmed with emotions meeting with the warm-hearted staff members and the beautiful children that embraced us almost immediately. We met a little girl who recently donated her hair for wigs for cancer patients, employees of Pitney Bowes who were there to donate chocolates for Easter celebration, a father who traveled from Bolivia to receive cancer treatment for his children, and volunteers who share CAJEC's mission for love and kindness. We look forward to visiting CAJEC again and continuing our financial commitment to their extraordinary cause. 

Clean the World Gallery

Every year, approximately 1.8M children die from preventable, hygiene-related illnesses with a majority of these deaths occurring in Africa and South Asia. The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank have concluded that hand washing with bars of soap is "the most efficient and cost effective intervention to reduce this tragic statistic." So how do we get bars of soap to those who need it the most and educate them on sanitary practices?

Clean the World Foundation is the hero the world desperately needed, fighting both illnesses in developing countries and unnecessary congestion of landfills in developed regions. Clean the World partners with thousands of hotels from around the globe to collect all soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions that have been left behind by guests.  Once they have been collected, they are then shipped to one of 3 recycling centers where used soap bars are sanitized and processed into new bars of soap through their state-certified methods. Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles are manually sorted and either redistributed through their Hygiene Kits or recycled further. All soaps and Hygiene Kits are then sent to where they are needed most, both locally and globally. 

Rimini Street team had a blast during our trip to Clean the World Las Vegas where we sorted through mountains of bottles from hotels ranging from The Hyatt to Disney Resorts to Caesars Palace. We are humbled to have volunteered with Clean the World and to have been a part of their life saving, environment protecting mission! Thank you Clean the World! 

Hyderabad Children's Aid Society Gallery

"They are no longer orphans. They have a forever home here with us." These are the beautiful words spoken by the Director of the Hyderabad Children's Aid Society, a place where children who were once without homes or family are given an opportunity to reach their greatest potentials under the care of loving staff, teachers, volunteers and new sisters and brothers. Founded in 1950 by a husband and wife who wanted to devote their life to the underserved children of India, Hyderabad Children's Aid Society currently houses, feeds, educates, and nurtures over 200 delightful children with the help of donors and volunteers.

On our recent visit to the Hyderabad Children's Aid Society, we gifted each child with a specially hand packed Hygiene Kit filled with necessities, toys, candy and a whole lot of Rimini Love. And better yet, they will be able to use their gift in the newly expanded and renovated bathroom we are funding for their very busy home! The Rimini Team is deeply moved and inspired by the children, staff and the mission of the Hyderabad Children's Aid Society and look forward to a wonderful partnership for many years to come. 


Wheelchair Donations in Partnership with Tokyo Goodwill Bank

Mobility, Dignity and Ability - these are just 3 of the many reasons why full recline wheelchairs have been in such high demand for senior centers around the world. Through our partnership with Tokyo Goodwill Bank, an organization that helps bridge the needs of the Tokyo community with the helping hands of corporations and citizens of the region, we delivered full recline wheelchairs to 4 different senior care facilities who have previously been placed on a waiting list for one of these coveted chairs.

With our donation, recipients of the full recline wheelchairs can sit, lay, stretch and relax with lessened stiffness while the staff can assist with their mobility needs with greater ease. We loved visiting with each facility and meeting with the wonderful staff and members of the Mitaka Shisuien, Kotobukien, Harmony Matsuba, and Musashinoryoen Senior Centers as well as receiving an honorary plaque from the Director of the Tokyo Goodwill Bank which now proudly hangs in our Nihon Rimini office.


Support and Management Solutions Gallery

Relieved of their duties to protect and serve their country, male and female veterans of all ages, races, and backgrounds are at risk of mental health illness, income instability, homelessness, as well as an array of emotional, social and economic challenges. Support and Management Services (S.A.M.S) located in St.Helens, United Kingdom, is one of many organizations working tirelessly to assist veterans on their journey to independence and wellness. 

S.A.M.S programs include job and volunteer training and placement, breakfast clubs for peer interaction and support, and a variety of counseling sessions for both the veteran and his or her loved ones. Rimini Street is proud to have donated laptops to the S.A.M.S new Cyber Cafe Bar, opening up an endless opportunity for veterans to stay connected with their friends and family, receive important computer literacy training, and find gainful employment. 


Grass Valley Elementary School Gallery

When members of a community band together to invest in the future of children, the possibility for greatness is endless. Maker Ed, a non-profit organization that "supports and empowers educators and communities," expanded its popular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning programs to 60+ organizations and schools in 2016, one of which is Grass Valley Elementary School in Oakland, California.

The Rimini Street Foundation visited the cheery First Graders of Grass Valley Elementary School and the school's MakerSpace, the "Wonder Workshop," where hands-on learning of STEM projects happen all year round. To assist with their impressive growth and impact on the bright children of GVE, Rimini Street donated laptops that will be used as another tool to achieve their shared goals for academic growth and self empowerment.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Gallery

From loss arose an opportunity to give, to help others during the most heartbreaking and fragile moment of parenthood - the loss of a child. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) started in 2005 after co-founder, Cheryl Haggard, gave birth to a precious child who brightened the world for a short 6 days due to a life-shortening condition. She called photographer Sandy Puc' to take photos of her child as he lay restfully in his parents arms before his leave. Together, they founded the organization that connects "families of babies who are stillborn or are at risk of dying as newborns" with a professional photographer that takes portraits of their time together as one.

In 2016, over 1700 volunteer photographers trained by the staff of NILMDTS for such sensitive projects, gave 3400 families around the globe a priceless momento of their time as a family. In addition to photography services, NILMDTS offers a variety of resources for the families that seek to honor their child and support those affected by the loss. We hope that our financial contribution will continue to help families around the world remember, cherish, and heal, one photo at a time. 

Lake Elementary School Gallery

According to the latest studies on child literacy in America, one in 4 children grow up without learning how to read. It has been proven there is a direct correlation between illiteracy and academic failure, juvenile delinquency, as well as an increased risk of living below the poverty line for the rest of their adult lives. The problem extends into and sometimes even starts from the homefront, with parents also not knowing how to read or write, therefore unable to help their children with their studies. 

Lake Elementary School in San Pablo, California, is one of the schools we have partnered with to combat this serious problem. To support their mission to educate not only the students but also the parents through their Child and Adult Literacy program, the Rimini Street Foundation donated much needed laptops to be used in their Learning Center. We are rooting for the success of our future generation and look forward to seeing positive results unfold for the children and families of Lake Elementary School! 

Larkin Street Youth Services Gallery

In the heart of the Tenderloins of San Francisco, there is a spot of sunshine called Larkin Street Youth Services, a place where homeless and displaced children and young adults aged 12-24 find refuge from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. Larkin Street welcomes over 3,000 clients throughout the year and offers a wide variety of services including medical, mentorship, employment, and personal development. 

The goal of Larkin Street Youth Services is to help each client rebuild their lives by providing them with a safe environment, free from judgement or negativity that can often manifest into self-destruction. Larkin Street dignifies its clients by offering basics such as access to showers, washers, dryers, clean clothes, and kitchens as well as special medical attention by a certified nurse who manages their onsite clinic. They also encourage clients to reflect and heal themselves through creative expressions such as music or art, and concentrate on their studies with access to computers in their technology labs. 

During our visit, Rimini Street Foundation donated laptops to support the continued efforts of the Larkin Street Youth Services Education program. We hope that each youth soon find their road to success and look forward to a wonderful continued partnership with our friends at Larkin Street. 

Harold's House - East Texas Alliance for Children Gallery

When children are victimized by abuse, the lingering effects can last a lifetime, for both the victim as well as the families who love and want to protect them from the painful event. Harold’s House East Texas Alliance for Children is a safe environment where children can receive the care they need with minimal evasiveness from the often pressing judicial and health system. They offer medical examinations, forensic interviews, family and victim services, court accompaniment, as well as a temporary home for foster children. In 2015, Harold’s House served 380 victims and 850 secondary victims of sexual and physical abuse.

With our donation, Harold’s House will be able to purchase additional medical equipment for their 2 offices, helping to expedite and ease the process of medical examinations by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certified professional. While we hope the number of victims are one day reduced to zero, in the meantime we look forward to assisting Harold’s House as they empower the voices of little children of East Texas.

Feed My Starving Children Gallery

Every single day in over 70 countries, 745,500 children are provided with hope and love through the nutritious meals prepared and shipped by the volunteers of Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). Started in 1987, FMSC dedicates more than 90 percent of all donated dollars to their vision to "eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.” Over the course of a year, more than one million volunteers gather around their 7 physical packing facilities as well as mobile packing facilities to prepare 270 Million Manna Packs, a bag holding a mixture of rice, soy protein, seasoning and dried vegetables or a simple, easy to digest potato mixture for infants and children in need to quick recovery from severe malnutrition. Manna Packs are sealed, boxed and shipped to various destinations with a 99% success rate of delivery.

Rimini Street team members gathered at Feed My Starving Children’s Mesa, Arizona and Schaumburg, Illinois facilities to pack thousands of Manna Packs along with other volunteers from the region. In hopes to support FMSC’s great mission, Rimini Street sponsored 10,800 meals that will soon be delivered to those in need. We'd like to believe the children receiving the meals we prepared can feel all the Rimini love we packed into each and every grain!

Demelza Hospice Care for Children Gallery

At Demelza Hospice Care for Children, time is the most precious commodity. It is a place where children with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions are surrounded by loved ones, creating happy memories that will outlast their short but profound lives. Children and their families and friends are invited to spend their days in comfort, receiving around the clock care, strolling around the beautiful campus park, making music, drawing masterpieces and engaging in activities specifically designed to empower them. 

During a visit to Demelza's Sittingbourne campus, Committee Members were given a thorough tour of their impressive facilities which included an indoor pool, dedicated teen room, music studio, sensory room, garden and much more, managed and cared for by the staff members and over 1000 volunteers that dedicate their time and efforts throughout the year. Rimini Street is humbled to be a contributor to the ongoing operations of Demelza and would like to share our sincere thoughts to all the families at Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

Boys and Girls Club of King County Gallery

The Boys and Girls Clubs of King County (BGCKC) is a place of growth and achievement for young children and teenagers living in King County of the Greater Seattle, Washington region. With around-the-year programs to keep children preoccupied with engaging activities ranging from sports, gardening, arts, and after school studies, BGCKC helps pave the way for success and independence for at-risk youth. 

Rimini Street spent an afternoon at the Ballard Club working on a beautification project for the BGCKC campus. We cleaned up the garden and parking lot, and repainted their Middle School Recreational Room to fun, vibrant colors of neon green, purple, and blue! The children were absolutely ecstatic to see their request fulfilled and we couldn’t have been happier to have helped.

Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society Gallery

Thalassemia is not a word one may hear often, but it is a word that directly affects 4.5% the world population (roughly 250 million) today. Historically, people of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African, and East Asian origin have carried the Thalassemia trait in their genes as a protection against malaria. Today, Thalassemia is a serious genetic blood disorder that reduces the amount of hemoglobin (red blood cells) produced in the body. Patients who suffer from Thalassemia become anemic and unable to carry a sufficient supply of oxygen to various parts of the body. Without repeated blood transfusions and supplements, it causes organ failure and death at a young age.

In Rimini Street India, dozens of our colleagues stepped forward during our first Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society Blood Drive to donate a part of themselves to the cause. We are so proud of our team members and applaud their generosity and kindness in giving to others, the priceless gift of life. Thank you Rimini Labs and all those who made our first blood drive a true success!

Project C.U.R.E. Gallery

In 1987, James Jackson was an international economic consultant whose work took him to a small clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was in this underserved clinic that he came face to face with a global problem affecting millions of people every single day - the lack of access to basic medical supplies needed to treat the sick. Moved by what he witnessed, he returned to his home in Colorado, USA and with the help of his friends and sponsors, started Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment).

Today, Project C.U.R.E is the "largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world." Through the work of hundreds of volunteers, they assess the region they intend to serve by learning what items they need prior to sending their donated supplies as well as receive, sort and process pallets of medical donations provided by their healthcare partners. Every week, two or three cargo containers each carrying on average $400,000 worth of supplies are shipped to one of the 130 countries they serve, filled with everything from surgical gloves to cardiological equipments underresourced doctors once only dreamed of. 

The Rimini Street Denver Team took the afternoon shift at the Project C.U.R.E. Denver warehouse to sort dozens of boxes of various medical supplies. In just mere hours, we processed tens of thousands of products that will soon become a part of the cargo shipments to be sent overseas. Thank you, Project C.U.R.E, for allowing us to be a part of your extraordinary organization and for connecting us to our friends in need around the world through the power of volunteerism. 

The Child Center Gallery

Alarming statistics indicate 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys in America fall victim to sexual abuse before the age of 18. Adding to this frightening discovery, there are thousands more who are physically and verbally abused or bear witness to violence in their homes every single year. Predators are often adults that the children live with, likes or loves. As one can imagine, abuse during a child's most formidable years can lead to difficult times ahead as they fight to deal with the unjust circumstances brought upon them.

At The Child Center, professionals who understand the sensitive nature of disclosure by a young victim work directly with the child and non-offending guardian to minimize the trauma that can come from a demanding investigation process. The Child Center provides a safe environment where interrogations, medical examinations and counseling are held with as little invasion to the victim as possible. While we hope child abuse is one day a story of the past, Rimini Street Foundation has partnered with The Child Center to purchase an IT System that will allow for faster processing of interviews and bring the victims one step closer to closure and healing. 

Boys and Girls Club of Oakland Gallery

Urban living comes with many distractions for young children, especially during the most impressionable ages where the lure of friendship and family outside of the home can come with great risks to their future, both in safety and education. The Boys and Girls Club of Oakland (BGCO) works with the community, schools, and sponsors to create an encouraging environment where children can focus their attention on self development while receiving positive reinforcement from peers and mentors all year round. Children that enroll in the Boys and Girls Club program receive after school tutoring on homework and projects that translate into measurable results, mentorship and development of interests such as music, dance, poetry, academics and sports, and most importantly, the chance to reach their full potential as responsible, caring, successful adults.

To support BGCO’s mission to “develop our community’s youth into positive contributors to society,” Rimini Street’s President, Sebastian Grady serves as a Board Member of BGCO and is leading its efforts to make BGCO the largest, most impactful organization for children in the Oakland region. Rimini Street’s partnership also includes financial and technology donations as well as a commitment to support volunteer activities throughout the year.

The Crayon Initiative Gallery

There is great power behind a single crayon, a molded piece of colorful wax that brings to life, a child's magical imagination in an instant. For Bryan Ware, the opportunity to bring this power to children in hospitals and underserved schools is what motivated him to start a charity called The Crayon Initiative where they "recycle unwanted crayons into unlimited possibilites for children".

The Crayon Initiative receives their broken crayon supply from businesses - mainly restaurants where free crayons are handed out to young diners - as well as schools and families, to collect used crayons that would have otherwise been discarded. He and his team of volunteers sort the crayons by color, melt them down to liquid wax, then mold them into brand new crayons ready for distribution. Through their partnership with hospitals, schools and arts programs all across the US, the remolded crayons have given thousands of children a way to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and express creativity all the while keeping crayons (which are non-biodegradeable!) out of our landfills. 

Rimini Street's Pleasanton Team and The Crayon Initiative joined forces to sort over 600 pounds (272 kg) of broken crayons in a mere 3 hours and donated 200 children's coloring books along with a financial contribution to support the efforts of this extraordinary organization. We look forward to hosting many more events with The Crayon Initiative throughout our US offices! 


Anugraha Girls' Home Gallery

In a safe haven called Anugraha Girls’ Home, young girls of the Bengaluru region from ages 4 to 7 find refuge, familial love, and most importantly, a place where they can restore their hope for a bright future. Two Salesian Sisters with the help of financial donors have fostered and changed the lives of dozens of children a year since 2012. Anugraha Girls' Home provide around the clock care and formal education to these young girls, who without the support of caring individuals would have been subjected to a life of poverty, homelessness, abandonment, or worse.

Thanks to the Sisters' and donors' help, the young girls of Anugraha Girls' Home not only have a chance to enjoy a real childhood, they also have a chance to grow up to be the best they can be in a safe, nuturing environment. Along with education, they are also highly encouraged to take an interest in arts and crafts, singing, dancing and acting for recreational fun and personal development.

On a visit to the Girls' Home to meet with the children the Foundation had sponsored, Rimini Street executives and the children shared an unforgettable afternoon filled with laughter and joy. We particularly enjoyed the well-rehearsed dance performance the children prepared for our team members! Thank you to all the many supporters of the Anugraha Girls' Home and to the wonderful children who left a profound impression on our hearts forever. 

Children's Hospice Assoc. of Scotland Gallery

As the only hospice service for children diagnosed with life-shortening conditions in Scotland, the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland (CHAS) has been a pillar of strength for the young and the family members who love them dearly. For more than two decades, CHAS has offered at-home assistance (CHAS at Home) and accomodated dozens of families in their “home from home” hospices, the Rachel House located in Kinross (pictured) and the Robin House in Balloch, with around the clock palliative care.

Currently supporting more than 380 families across Scotland, CHAS is not only a way for precious children in end of life stages to enjoy their time in a safe, fun environment, it is also a haven for parents and siblings to refocus, receive personal and peer counselling, and create lasting memories together as a family. Rimini Street's donation to CHAS will be used for their ongoing efforts to bring as many smiles as possible to the families and the children whose shortened time will forever be remembered. 

Soles4Souls Gallery

Putting on a pair of shoes is a luxury most take for granted every day, not realizing millions of children and adults try to manage without, barefoot and exposed to the elements, too ashamed to attend school or unable to find work to support themselves and their family members. Whether it is due to financial hardships, natural disasters or personal challenges, living without shoes hinders the chance to break free from the cycles of poverty, create a new future, or avoid diseases that come from immobility or trudging through unsanitary pathways.

Soles4Souls started as a disaster relief organization to provide much needed footwear to those affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2005 and soon after, Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Today, Soles4Souls continues to outfit millions of children and adults around the world with new shoes, while also collecting millions of gently worn shoes.  The previously worn shoes are refurbished and resold by start up micro-enterprises in third-world countries.

Through Rimini Street Foundation’s partnership with Soles4Souls, Rimini Street volunteers helped decorate and distribute 150 personalized pair of shoes to children during our volunteer activity event in Las Vegas, and provided 10,000 new pairs of shoes to many deserving people around the world.

Hongo no Mori Social Welfare Org. Gallery

Founded in 1988, the Hongo no Mori Social Welfare Organization is the first workplace for mentally challenged community members in the Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo region where clients are able to earn fair wages and gain self-confidence through their abilities. When not hard at work, clients enjoy a mulitude of activities including recreational sports complete with tournaments. Staff members that work around the clock to provide job facilitation, assistance, and on-site care are trained professionals from the University of Tokyo Hospital specializing in psychiatric care. 

Through referrals from the Tokyo Council of Social Welfare, Rimini Street donated laptops complete with a support technician to be used to further expand their job placement program as well as offer technology training to their many motivated clients.

Easter Seals Nevada Gallery

At the Easter Seals Nevada campus, a multitude of life-changing activities occur around the clock for families, the physically and mentally challenged, children with Autism, seniors, veterans, and many more. Whether it's Early Intervention Resources for children with developmental challenges, helping job-seekers find their next career opportunity, or providing a safe environment for the disabled to thrive, Easter Seals has provided much needed support and hope to the residents of Las Vegas and its surrounding regions.

In support of Easter Seals Nevada's Assistive Technology program where the disabled can overcome daily barriers both at home and at work, Rimini Street Foundation donated laptops and funds for new technology products that will be used to further career training, placements and advancements.

Open Heart Kitchen Gallery

Wondering when and where the next meal could be is a reality that too many children and adults are familiar with all throughout the world. Whether it is due to financial hardships, physical and health challenges, or abandonment, access to healthy, nourishing foods are not always readily available to our neighbors in need.

Open Heart Kitchen, founded in 1995, has served as a beacon of hope to the hungry in the Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton area of Northern California. Each year, they have served over 280,000 meals to its guests 7 days a week and in 2015, broke their own record by serving 350,000 meals. To help keep Open Heart Kitchen's operation strong, Rimini Street Foundation provides financial and continuous in-kind food donations through an ongoing partnership throughout the year. 

Kirkcaldy North Primary School Gallery

Breakfast is an essential part of every child's diet, helping them be alert and stay focused on their daily school curriculum. For some children, breakfast is not an option given to them at home and so they begin their school day on an empty stomach. At the Kirkcaldy North Primary School in Scotland, teachers, staff members, and volunteers have taken it upon themselves to feed every child, regardless of income, toast and spread prepared for the classrooms each morning. And by offering it to every child, there is no visible signs of economical disparity between classmates.

Through the help of sponsors, Kirkcaldy North Primary School secured resources for toast and spreads to feed all the children of the school, 5 days a week, and Rimini Street assisted by donating the hardware to prepare and serve the toasts to the children every morning.

Calaveras Humane Society Gallery

Lost, abandoned and homeless animals are all welcome at the Calaveras Humane Society (CHS), an animal welfare shelter and adoption center located in Calaveras County, California. CHS offers excellent programs such as "55/5" where senior adults aged 55 and older are paired with pets of at least 5 years of age, "Animal Search and Rescue" a service which proves crucial during natural diasters, and the "Foster and Adoption" program that help animals find their new family and homes.

Calaveras Humane Society campus houses a significant amount of animals at any given time and offers on-site services for their residents as well as current and future pet owners. In support of the expansion plans of the CHS facilities, Rimini Street made a financial contribution to continue improving the lives of our furry friends and their future families.

Santa Clothes Gallery

Since 1995, Santa Clothes has helped thousands of disadvantaged children of Las Vegas prepare for the winter season through a shopping program funded by partners and members of the Rotary Club of Las Vegas. Volunteer shoppers are paired with a child and together they embark on a shopping expedition at one of three JC Penny stores in Las Vegas with an allowance of $200. After shopping, children and volunteers head out to UNLV for lunch and fun in the sun with local athletes, coaches and cheerleaders.

The Santa Clothes program is designed to provide not only warm clothes to children, but to help them maintain a positive self image while reminding them they are important members of the community. Rimini Street is proud to have partnered with Santa Clothes as a donor and as volunteers of this heartwarming project.

Girls in the Know Gallery

In a time where social and media pressures weigh heavily on teenage girls, Lori Lander, founder of Girls in the Know is on a mission to reinforce and introduce positive self image through the strengthening of parent-child communication at home. Girls in the Know is a 4-week speaker series offered to both teenage girls and their caregivers to discuss important topics such as bullying, peer pressure, forming healthy eating habits, and physical/emotional changes during adolescence. 

Rimini Street is proud to sponsor the expansion of the Girls in the Know program to the St.Louis, Missouri area where they will be able to offer the GITK Speaker Series to 40 teenage girls and their caregivers free of charge. 

Will Beckley Elementary School Gallery

At Will Beckley Elementary School, music, science, and reading are strong interests shared by both students and teachers alike. Through community partnerships and support, Will Beckley is currently one of 30 schools enrolled in the “Spread the Word Nevada” literary program and is the recipient of a new science lab funded by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas.

Every year, Will Beckley students host musical productions and invite parents and friends to watch their endearing live stage performances. Until this year, guests of the shows were unable to fully enjoy the plays because there were no microphones or an adequate sound system to carry the voices of the children throughout the auditorium. Rimini Street Foundation happily donated stage microphones and a powerful sound system to make sure the hard work of Will Beckley students will always be heard loud and clear.

Project 150 Gallery

Project 150 is a Las Vegas non-profit organization that provides “homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students” with resources to help them stay focused in academics and graduate. Whether it is clothes for every day wear, hygiene products, school supplies and even prom dresses and tuxedos for their special day, Project 150 makes high school an easier environment for youths who face financial and familial challenges.

Rimini Street donated laptops to Project 150 for their at-school resource program which lends laptops and computers to students with little or no access to one at home. These laptops will serve as a tool to help Project 150 members complete school projects, conduct research, and submit college and job applications in preparation for a self-sufficient, bright future of opportunity.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Gallery

For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters have been changing the lives of children aged 6-18 through its mentoring program which helps students develop the skills, self-esteem, and motivation it takes to become successful adults. Mentors, also known as “Bigs”, are selectively matched with “Littles” to form a long-lasting friendship based on mentorship and guidance.

During Summer months, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada (BBBSN) offers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning programs for its “Littles”. To support the STEM Summer Science program, Rimini Street donated laptops to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada as a resource for students enrolled in the program. When not in use for STEM, these laptops are available for volunteers to help children with their homework and projects after school. Rimini Street recently donated Kindle tablets and office supplies to assist BBBSN's ongoing efforts to educate the children of Las Vegas. 

Opportunity Village Gallery

Founded in 1954 by a small group of Las Vegas families with intellectually challenged children, Opportunity Village (OV) has grown to become the largest community rehabilitation program in Nevada serving more than 3,000 people annually. Opportunity Village provides “vocational training, community job placement, art and life skill enrichment, advocacy, and social recreation programs” to its many members while offering peace of mind to the families of the OV residents.

In support of Opportunity Village, Rimini Street donated laptops to be used for inventory management, hired the Opportunity Village Assembly team for a corporate packaging project, and presented OV team members with a cash donation at the Rimini Street Global Service Delivery event held in Las Vegas in June 2015.

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